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Canteen contracting industry veteran tells how to manage the big canteen

作者:Henan February flower catering enterprise management Co., LTD 日期:2020-11-09

Enterprise canteen contract is not as simple as everyone thinks。Whether the canteen is outsourced to the catering company, or the company runs the canteen itself, there must be a canteen manager with good management ability。So, as a canteen manager, how to do a good job in canteen contracts?

1.The mode and difficulty of information exchange also affect the scope of business。In management activities, superiors and superiors can exchange views in a timely manner, and the relationship between left and right can be coordinated, which is conducive to expanding the scope of management。This requires the canteen manager to have good canteen management ability, which can stimulate everyone's work enthusiasm and team spirit。

2.The working ability includes the leader's working ability and the subordinate's working ability。If the leader's working ability is strong, his management scope is relatively large。If the subordinate has strong working ability and rich experience, it can reduce the time and frequency of the superior to deal with the relationship between the superior and the subordinate, so as to expand the scope of management。On the contrary, if the subordinate is not competent for the assigned task, then the time for the superior to guide and supervise the subordinate's activities will undoubtedly increase, and the scope of management will be narrowed。

3.The management of enterprise and institution canteen contract is the same as the management of other companies, and the distinction between the first and second levels must be done well。Managers must make sound plans and judgments based on their work experience and correctly deal with issues related to the scope and level of management。

4.Use check method。如果任务和目标明确,职责和权力范围明确,工作标准明确,上级可以通过检查方法快速控制各个部门的活动,客观,准确地衡量结果,则管理范围可以 适当扩大; 相反,应缩小管理范围。

There are many problems in the contracting process of canteens in enterprises and institutions。We often hear employees complain that "the food is too simple, the food oil and water are too little, some dishes are boiled, difficult to swallow, the price is too high, the quality is not good, and the waste is serious.。"Insufficient meals, insufficient food" and other problems。If the dining needs of employees and the ideas of enterprise leaders are met at the same time, the canteen manager will play a very important role in the process of canteen contracting in enterprises and institutions, and can master the scope and level of management。Can lead the canteen staff to create a good staff canteen。

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