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The management system of tableware washing and disinfection in the canteen contracting scheme

作者:Henan February flower catering enterprise management Co., LTD 日期:2020-11-09

Enterprises and institutions canteen contracting brief introduction。Eating is especially important for working people。Many friends feel frustrated because they don't know what to eat for lunch。As the owner of a large company, I also worry about whether my employees are eating well。What for lunch and what for dinner seems to be a daily problem for employees。We never know what to eat, are we eating clean, are we healthy and are we nutritious is also a big problem that plagues us。 As a professional enterprise canteen contracting company, Zibo Food line Catering Management Co., Ltd. introduced the cleaning of tableware, its disinfection management system so that everyone can easily eat at ease:

1.An independent cleaning and disinfection room or special tableware area should be established, and the disinfection room should be equipped with cleaning, disinfection and cleaning equipment。

2.Dishwashing personnel must be proficient in washing and disinfection procedures and methods。Strictly follow the sequence of "residue removal, alkaline washing, clean water flushing, heat dissipation and intensive cleaning"。

3.The tableware taken from each meal should be cleaned and disinfected immediately, not overnight。

4.Cleaning agents and disinfectants used to clean tableware must comply with the relevant hygiene standards and requirements。Dishes must be washed before disinfection。After disinfection, the tableware should have a smooth surface, no oil stains, no water stains, no odor, no foam, no soluble accessories, and should be promptly put into the clean cabinet for storage。

5.Cleaning cabinets containing cutlery must be clearly marked and frequently scrubbed and disinfected。Sterilized and unsterilized tableware must be stored separately。

6.It is prohibited to wash food ingredients in the sink to clean utensils, and it is not allowed to wash mops in the sink。  

7.After scrubbing and disinfecting, clean the floor and pool for sanitary treatment, and clean the will bucket in time to ensure that the floor and pool are clean and sanitary, free of oil, and clean the inside and outside of the bucket。  

8.Regularly clean the indoor environment and equipment sanitation facilities, and keep clean, do not leave a sanitary corner。